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Basic support model

Free of charge information on how to bring your Triboard up and running. You will get information about embedded peripherals, core architecture, Infineon Low Level Drivers (iLLD), AUTOSAR MCAL, tool support and setup, as well as basic board support packages within 24 hours response time on working days. After getting basic knowledge, you are also free to decide switching over to a more advanced support model. PDH Basic Support Model services may answering following questions: 

  • What about embedded peripherals? 
  • How many cores are available or reasonable to use? 
  • How to use Infineon’s Low Level Drivers (iLLD)? 
  • What about safety (SIL, ASIL) and platform independent implementation (AUTOSAR MCAL)? 
  • Which tools are you using, and are they suitable for AURIX™ development?
  • How to bring your Application Kit or Triboard up and running?
  • Single core software development
  • Debugging and Tracing support

Premium support model

For more complex challenges, you can choose the advanced PDH Premium Support Model, from which the entire range of system development can be retrieved. Since this service is not free of charge, you will be required to make a separate arrangement with us to receive support and solutions that fit seamlessly into your design. PDH Premium Support Model services can include the following:

  • PCB development
  • Schematic drawing and version recording
  • Component selection - Board layout 
  • Software development (single- & multicore) and version recording 
  • Overall compliance to safety standards e.g. ISO26262 (ASIL A-D and QM) and IEC61508 (SIL 1-4 and QM),e.g. Hazard Analysis, FMEDA & FTA Analysis Testing and documentat