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Standard support services (Free of charge):

Provided free of charge, these services aim to offer a generic technical help-desk to the customers for Infineon RADAR related topics, which include the radar frequency bands at 24 GHz, 60 GHz and 77/79 GHz.

48-hrs response time (at normal working hours) to the customer by email and/or phone to IMST/

  • Infineon RADAR related inquiries.
  • Project requirements
  • RF and baseband feasibility analysis
  • Antenna consultation
  • Radar signal processing possibilities
  • Interfaces, communication and documentation guidance

Trainings and consultancy:

Introductory trainings on various radar topics. Typical duration is 0.5 – 3 hours, online or at IMST.

  • Radar basics in theory 
  • Radar basics in practice with Developer-Kit(s) 
  • Radar measurements 
  • Basics in signal processing

Premium development services:

These are based on specific agreements between a customer and IMST. The technical focus is at these radar frequency bands 24 GHz, 60 GHz and 77/79 GHz and covers antennas, frontends, signal processing, digital interfaces, firmware, developer kit GUI software and measurement services. All RF circuit and antenna designs will be made with EMPIRETM-XPU, a real simulation tool 

  • System Design
  • Radar Frontend Develop
  • Antenna Develop
  • Design of specific Data Interface
  • Implementation of Digital Signal Processing
  • Characterization of Radar Parameter

77/79 GHz FMCW Radar with up to 4 GHz Bandwidth

sR77-3401e is a development environment for 77/79 GHz FMCW radar with Infineon radar chip RXS8160 and AURIXTM multicores radar signal processor TC39x. IMST’s develpment tool is scalable for one ore two radar frontends ...read more