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Standard support services (Free of charge):

Basic Support Services, provided free of charge, aim to offer a generic technical help-desk to the customers for AURIX™ related topics.
This does not include design services or topics requiring substantial design or R&D effort - those are a part of HighTec Premium Services.

Technical interface and support to the customers:

24-hrs response time to the customer by email and/or phone to AURIX™ related inquiries.

  • Architecture/MCU selection advice 
  • Project requirements and feasibility analysis
  • Documentation, SW and Tools guidance

HighTec & Infineon product synergy:

Technical help and advice on synergy of Infineon AURIX™ products, HighTec Tools and SW solutions to achieve optimal and effective results.

  • Safety Multicore Development Suite for TriCore/AURIX™
  • PXROS-HR  Safety Multicore Real-Time operating system for AURIX™
  • Build tool qualification to comply with ISO26262 and IEC61508 requirements

Online trainings:

Introductory online trainings on various topics. Typical duration is 0.5 –2 hours.

  • Infineon SafeTLib Introduction
  • Functional Safety Basics
  • Autosar MCAL Introduction (MC-ISAR)
  • Build Tools (HighTec Toolchain)
  • PXROS-HR RTOS Overview
  • SO26262, IEC61508 Toolchain Qualification Kit (QKIT)
  • AURIX™ Architecture Introduction
  • GTM/MCS Introduction
  • Infineon iLLD/SW Framework Basics

Premium consultancy services:

Premium consultancy model is based on a specific agreement between a customer and HighTec PDH and aims to support customer-specific design activities. HighTec EDV-Systeme offers consultancy services primarily in the following areas:

Infineon Autosar MCAL:

  • MCAL configuration, review and integration in customer application framework
  • Autosar Complex Driver development

Infineon SafeTLib:

  • SafeTLib integration in a customer application framework
  • Test framework setup and configuration

Driver development: 

  • Custom driver development for AURIX™ devices 
  • Custom integration of iLLD/MCAL based drivers 
  • Integration of advanced SW layers, such as Bootstrap, TCP/IP stacks, files system, etc. 
  • PXROS-HR RTOS driver development

System architecture and design:

  • Single to multicore migration
  • Multicore-based application architecture and partitioning design 
  • Porting of non-OS based applications to OSbased system 
  • Power PC to AURIX™ migration

HighTec Solutions: 

  • Application and build frameworks based on HighTec Toolchain 
  • Build Toolchain migration into HighTec Toolchain 
  • Safety multicore real-time operating system design with PXROS-HR RTOS 
  • ISO26262, IEC61508 Build Tool Qualification

Advanced technical trainings:

  • HighTec Build Tools 
  • Infineon SafeTLib Integration 
  • MCAL (MC-ISAR) Integration
  • PXROS-HR RTOS Technical Trainings
  • Using Advanced AURIX™ Peripherals: GTM/MCS and HSM