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Services provided:

Power architectures: 

  • DC-DC 
  • AC-DC 
  • Single stage Flyback with PFC functionality 
  • Dual stage Flyback with boost PFC

Tasks :

  • Application concept 
  • Board design, component selection and dimensioning
  • XDP™ /XMC™ IC configuration and parametrization 
  • Modeling and simulation    
  • FW development and unit testing 
  • HW development (including transformer / inductor dimensioning and assembly), demonstrator / evaluation boards 
  • Manual / Automated testing 
  • Documentation


Support capabilities Level
Motor Control Basic
Lighting Expert
Capacitive sensing with XMC™  
PFC/Power Conversion Expert
Class B certification  
Safety support IEC61508  
Safety support ISO26262  
Security support/SHE+  
Secure boot for XMC™  
XMC™ general support HW Advanced
XMC™ general support SW Advanced
AURIX™ general support HW Advanced
AURIX™ general support SW Advanced
Concepts in digital power management Expert
FW unit testing Expert
Debugging and problem solving Expert
Manual and automoted testing Expert
Embeded FW, C and assembly based Expert
GUI development for device parametrization Expert
Modeling and simulation Expert
Demonstrator/evaluation boards Expert