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Standard support services (Free of charge):

Standard Support Services provide distribution customers the technical help-desk necessary to introduce Infineon components into new qualified designs.

  • First level customer support to ensure Infineon products/ solutions
  • Technical interface and support to the customer
  • Drive the design in at the customer
  • Basic trainings for design teams (1-4h)
  • 24-hours response time to the customer

Design services and topics requiring specific analysis are a part of Premium Support.

Premium support services:

Premium Support is oriented to design and is subject to a specific agreement between Bluewind and the customer. It may include one or more areas of R&D activity:

  • Project management and project-specific application support
  • Specification of general SW architecture defining required layers, control and data flow structure etc.
  • Specification and implementation of custom device drivers
  • Optimization of software components with regard to speed/code size
  • Software testing
  • Support of project-specific functional safety engineering
  • Project-specific support of security solution
  • Safety support
  • Security support
  • Multicore support

Enabling AURIX iLLD drivers in
Safety Critical Applications
using HighTec PXROS-HR Operating System


Bluewind is providing an alternative solution for Safety Critical Applications based on Infineon iLLD drivers and PXROS-HR operating system which is a valid alternative in
markets in which AUTOSAR is not required.
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